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A timeline workbook with historical illustrations for the student of history
... that many college-bound American students place key events, such as the Reformation, the War between the States, and Hitler's Germany not only in the wrong decade, but often in the wrong century? The author, Vickie Froehlich, suggests because of her educational experience, that we have taught our students to study for a good grade, but have not taught them to place the information in a physical or mental timeline that can be used for life.

A timeline is invaluable, especially when used as a student is learning. It is recommended that each student, whether at a Christian School or home schooled, have his or her own timeline book. This book is intended to be used for years with whatever history curriculum is used.

A Timeline for All Time will become a keepsake by including your own family history and photos with events that were happening when your ancestors were alive. This is a wonderful tool for the student who wants to learn for life.

Durable Laminated Cover and card stock timeline pages
Spiral Bound
Designed for Home School and
Christian School Students
Beautiful, historical, hand-drawn
Incorporates several learning styles
Auditory - read history to the student
Visual - choose appropriate illustration
Kinesthetic - cut out illustration and
glue it into timeline
Separate timeline pages for wars in
which the United States has been
involved - including The War Against
Timeline pages for student's life and
family timelines
Quotes on timeline pages from
someone who lived during that period
of time
World Maps
Designed to become a family treasure